Curriculum Discussion

Curriculum and Instruction                          

Our curriculum and Instruction in APS Online High School has shifted to a teacher led and student centered model.  Students are following a standard quarter schedule with expectations and Due Dates set by the teacher.  Having more structure to our expectations is sure to increase success. As a rule, students should NEVER be behind on Due Dates.  The requirement and expectation is that ALL students stay on time with weekly assignments in all classes. However, students wishing to accelerate at a quicker pace and are investing more time and intensity towards their education are ALWAYS free to work ahead of the assigned Due Dates.  By working ahead, you will capture more time to work on additional course work and earn advanced or deficient credits more quickly.

Teachers are using a combination of online lesson collections to design a customized approach to the APS pacing guides.  Mostly all content will be delivered through a course management system called "Schoology".  During orientation, your students are being trained on these systems.  We HIGHLY encourage students to sit down with parents and demonstrate the various systems and tools they will be engaging with.  Parents need to be involved and encourage engagement and learning in a virtual setting.  APS Online High School maintains a high touch model of online education; our teachers will be working with students in a variety of ways. 

First, we will be engaging with students in the face to face lab time.  We have established three labs; one at Aurora Central High School, one at Gateway High School, and the other at Pickens Technical College.  Students are required at least 2 days of attendance per week, in person at either Lab.  Students who are performing exceedingly well in ALL courses will begin to earn some daily passes from these labs.  A student earning success and functioning successfully in course work virtually, while still maintaining constant communication with their teachers, will earn an individual plan for face-to-face attendance.