Credit Recovery Options

Traditional Students grades 9-12:

Our traditional students will be scheduled into On-Time-On-Track courses for the corresponding grade level the are in.  For example, a 10th grade student will be given 5-6 traditional Sophomore classes.  If these same students have failed courses previously, we do have the option to extend self-paced credit recovery classes to them to work on outside and in addition to the 6-7 hours a day spent on the regular scheduled classes.  Students can also be extended these options of credit recovery during holidays and summer vacation when their other classes are not running.

12+ Seniors who did not graduate on time:

5th and 6th year seniors who are between the ages of 18 and 20 years old will be placed on an individual graduation plan and students are REQUIRED to meet completion deadlines and benchmarks to maintain positive status and enrollment in our school.  Failure to progress at an adequate pace towards graduation will result in a recommendation to a different program that will be more suited for the student's needs and facilitate greater success.