Process of Enrollment

Step 1:  Application must be filled out by Student & Parent/ Guardian (The FULL-TIME APPLICATION button is located on the home page)-- It is essential to have current contact information. Engagement Specialist or Counselor can also assist if needed.

Step 2 Application Processing (3-5 business days)

  1. APS Online will review the application and make a recommendation based on a variety of success indicators. 
  2. If the student is considered for enrollment, APS Online High School will send the family an email to invite them to an open interview day.

Step 3:  The student and parent will participate in a brief scheduled Interview.  This gives us the opportunity to ensure prospective students understand our expectations and ensure APS Online High School is a good fit to ensure success for the student.  The student will be invited to orientation at the conclusion of the interview, if they are still being considered for enrollment. When attending an interview be sure to be on time. 

Step 4:  Student will attend orientation where he/she will learn the rules and regulations of APS Online. After orientation is over, the student MUST complete our Introduction to Online Learning Course to be officially accepted. This course consists of a online introduction along with trial assignments and discussions.

Step 5:  Once IOL is completed, our counselor will provide the student with a schedule. The student will then be officially enrolled with APS Online and given access to all online course work and materials.  

Any Questions?  Please call (303) 326-1100.