Children's Hospital Teacher: Reflecting on APSOL Partnership

"We are sitting in class, and all of a sudden I hear my student Cassie talking out loud, and when I went to answer her she was like "shhh I'm talking to my Social Studies teacher online". It was so neat to see her interacting and being driven with her new classes. It was also really cool for the other students in the class to see. So thank you so much for making this happen, it is a little challenging, but well worth it."

Former Student, A. Fox: 

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping me in getting to where I am now!  I was enrolled at CCA and aced my Accuplacer so I am starting right in on my degree…after getting my GED credential.  Thank you! I really appreciate APS Online.  I still tell everyone about the school."

Former Student, W. Orcutt:

"I was a dropout until I found APS Online High School. Signing up was the best decision I have ever made. The education is phenomenal and the school worked around my needs and my schedule. If you are looking to earn your diploma or GED with a fast and flexible structure, call APS Online today, 303-326-1100! Walk in registrations are welcome. APS Online High School is the answer to any situation!"  

Graduate, Class of 2014 Salutatorian, L. Meyer:

"I feel my time at APS Online was well spent and that the teachers there cared about what we were learning. No matter how many times I would tell them I didn’t need help the teachers were always willing to offer it. For me APS Online is one of those few schools where even after you graduate you still go back to visit every now and again. After seeing this place transform from the tiny online school that they were, to the integrated learning program that they have become, it makes me truly proud to say that I was a graduating student from APS Online."

Parent of current student: Ms. S. Mays

 "As a parent of a child just entering her freshman year, it was important to me not only to find the right High School for my daughter to attend but to make sure her High School experience was a good one as well. When I first heard about the program I was a little unsure of how this would work, however, after doing my research I was very impressed with APS Online High School. My daughter in no way is a problem child or a child that can't be in a traditional setting. She is opposite of that and is a 4.0 Honor Student who wanted an alternative to learning. APS Online provides a great education for her. Not only is she doing an AMAZING JOB so far but she is able to learn at her own pace, she is not distracted by 20 other kids in class & her teacher being to frustrated to even teach! My daughter is enjoying High School, as she should, and I am so happy I decided to enroll her at APS Online High School! If I could say one thing, it would be that, I believe this program will work for any family & student that are looking for an alternative to traditional school, every child is not made for a traditional class setting and it is ok. APS Online could really be what you & your student are looking for, this way also gives a student a chance to really shine & grow!”