Expectations & Academic Status

Minimum Standards and Expectations:

The following minimum standards apply for a student to remain above the probationary level at APS Online High School:

  • Five .25 credits successfully earned each Quarter (Most students complete 6 or 7).
  • Face-to-face attendance, depending on your academic & attendance background. This could consist of totally virtual, or 2-5 days a week in the APS Online classroom (As success is demonstrated, less F2F time can be offered.  The more successful a student is, this requirement can be relaxed and waived).
  • 6-7 hours a day, 5 days a week devoted to working on classes.  NO exceptions.  Online school is NOT EASIER or LESS TIME THAN A TRADITIONAL SCHOOL – you have the flexibility to put in the required hours at more flexible times.

Satisfactory Progress:

A student who is enrolled at APS Online High School on a full-time basis is considered to be making satisfactory progress toward meeting graduation requirements if the following apply:

  • He/she completes satisfactorily at least 1.5 to 2 credits each Quarter of full-time enrollment.
  • Student attends face-to-face all Mandatory Attendance Days
    • ASPIRE Testing Dates
    • October 1
    • Practice ACT
    • ACT
    • Class Meeting Dates
    • His/her performance represents a pattern, which does not jeopardize the chances of satisfactorily completing degree requirements.