APS Online High School Classrooms

APS Online High School is not part of Central High School or Gateway High School; we are simply located at those sites. Please ONLY use our APS Online HS entrances!  APS Online Students are not allowed anywhere inside of Central or Gateway without a staff escort.  

Students are required to attend one of the two available labs at least 2 days a week for a minimum of 6 hours a week. However, if necessary, physically attendance could be up to 5 days in person at one of the two APS Online Classrooms depending on the student's academic progress throughout each quarter.  This face to face attendance encourages positive peer interaction time and helps the student and teacher relationship to foster success.  

In an effort to be flexible and true to an online learning environment, we provide an Blended Learning model of education. Students who are successful attending physically and virtually, and have demonstrated the ability to guide their success with a 3.0 or higher, will then have the opportunity to forgo the face-to-face requirements upon counselor and administrative approval. Students who are not being successful will be asked to attend face-to-face more than 2 times a week. Our staff believes every student needs a different level of support to be successful and we can tailor each experience using these guidelines.

Map of the APS Online HS Classroom (Central Site):

Map of the APS Online High School Classroom (Gateway Site):