Comprehensive Sexual Health Ed. Program

As a part of a district health initiative, your son or daughter may be involved in a comprehensive sexual health education program in the classroom.  This program meets Colorado State Standards for Science, Comprehensive Health and Physical Education, and is in alignment with Colorado State laws HB13-1081 and HB1292.

 This Health and Science education program may include instruction such as:

Physical, emotional, metal and social benefits of sexual abstinence

Understanding the benefits of healthy, violence free relationships

Disease prevention including contraceptives and condoms

Becoming a communication advocate for respectful pro-social community

Impact of alcohol and drugs on decision making and risk taking

Analyze risks of sharing personal information thru modern technology

If you have any questions or if you do not want your student to participate in the comprehensive sexual educational program, please contact Sheila Siegert, Assistant to the Director, Teaching & Learning, or Julie White/Enoc Castillo at APS Online, 303-326-1100.